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Come and get your energy hyped with me LIVE or on-demand, anywhere, anytime you need. You'll never hear me shouting about burning calories, but instead we'll focus on having fun and feeling amazing, all WHILST getting a banging workout in.

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No Contracts & 7 Day FREE Trial

x8+ new LIVE workouts every single week

Each workout is 20-30 minutes

Bodyweight or dumbbell options

Follow along on your phone, pc or smart TV

Repeat any workout you like

Access 200+ on-demand workouts by Hayley

24/7 workout access whenever you want

Chat support in the DMs with Hayley 

Cancel anytime

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Beginner Friendly

I refuse to be one of those "GET SH*T DONE" trainers, and instead, I want you to start at a place that feels right and comfortable for you. We're in this for the long haul!

All About The Buzz

Let's stop using exercise as punishment, and instead use it to feel amazing. I'll never talk about "working off food" or "earning food" or "burning calories" - it's not about that.

Lots of Variety

There is something for everyone. I make sure there is a nice variety to keep it enjoyable throughout the week and make sure we're not just beasting your body.

Build Your Fitness Level

Consistency is key, and starting at a level you're comfortable with will keep you consistent and you'll start to see results. This is my favourite part about my job and helping you to FEEL fitter!

No Equipment Needed

No weights? No probs. All of the classes can be done without weight, or if you do want to add weights, you can drop me a message in the group and ask for advice or what to use instead.

Chat Support

I love to chat with my members in my DM's. For me, I love to hear about how you're finding the classes, what questions you have, and I always love to find out what classes you're joining.